SEMAC, Incorporated

High Performance Coatings

SEMAC specializes in the installation of different types of linings for steel and concrete structures for secondary containment. These systems are specifically designed to be environmentally compliant for each application.

Our expertise includes installing specialized spray on and glass reinforced linings that can handle the expansions and contractions of the structure. The linings can be fabricated from epoxies, polyesters, vinyl esters, urethanes or acrylic resins, depending on the service.

Certified Applicators

We are certified applicators for a broad range of manufacturer's products. In conjunction with the manufacturer, we review the problem and recommend a coating and coating system that will best satisfy the chemical resistant requirements whether it is for immersion, splashes or spills.

Industrial Floor Coatings

We are installers of long lasting and fast curing industrial flooring. The materials we apply are self leveling, high impact, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, thermal shock resistant, and impervious.

These flooring systems can be decorative and anti-skid.

Applications Include: Heavy industrial, warehousing, cold storage, chemical and petrochemical plants, food and food preparation facilities, hospitals, health care facilities and retail stores.

Sealing and Repairs

We offer concrete restoration, crack repairs, joint sealing and crack bridging. The method of application and repair depend on the structural condition and intended service.

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